Lake open to residents/non-residents alike.
Swim only in designated areas.
A lifeguard is on duty during summer months from 11:00am - 5:00pm daily. State law requires no swimming without lifeguard present.
Only use grills provided
Alcohol prohibited.
Curb your dogs, use bags provided and dispose of properly.
No washing of automobiles
No bathing or washing any dog, car, or other animal. No animals in lake.
No person shall disrobe or dress or undress in any public place, in near or around Lakehurst
No "horseplay" or "wrestling"
Children must be accompanied by an adult
No feeding of waterfowl
No littering
No gasoline-powered boats, no electric boats in excess of five (5) horsepower
Groups of ten or more must register at the Borough Hall and complete Hold Harmless Agreement and provide proof of insurance coverage.