Borough of Lakehurst
Finance Department

The Finance Office is responsible for administering the financial matters of the Borough of Lakehurst. A part-time Chief Financial Officer is assisted by the full-time Deputy Treasurer. Chief Financial Officer is required to be certified by the New Jersey Department of human Affairs after numerous training courses and a rigorous certification examination. The finance office has the responsibility of maintaining the financial account of the Borough, which includes maintaining payroll accounts, a fixed asset inventory, and monitoring. Payment vouchers are approved by the governing body at council meetings normally held on the first and third Thursdays of the month.

Lakehurst Annual Municipal Budget Data Sheets
2017 Adopted Budget
2017 Introduced Budget
2017 User Friendly Budget
2016 Annual Financial Statement
2016 Adopted User Friendly Budget
2016 Adopted Budget
2015 Adopted Budget
2014 Adopted Budget

Annual Financial Statement
2015 Annual Financial Statement
2014 Annual Financial Statement
2013 Annual Financial Statement

2015 Audit




VENDORS: Have a signed purchase order returned to the Finance Office

  Purchases over $1,000 require more than one quote

  Bids must be received for purchased over $21,000

The Municipal Administrator serves as the purchasing agent for the Borough of Lakehurst.

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